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They call me Celine
the bearded woman
Children they fear me
their dads look away

I spent 24
on a sideshow lot
scaring the kids
when they'd come to play

I've never been one to care what they think
when they scoff stare and call me a freak

I'm Celine the Bearded Woman

I buried my dad cause
he gave me these genes
I wish I'd never
met him

I'd love to show you
my inner beauty
Its a pain in the ass
to shave him

these long flowing locks, that grow from my chin
the faded blue tattoos I got in the pen

I'm Celine the Bearded Woman

Won't you give me a chance
to bear five bearded children
Ive always had dreams of romance
but these facial hairs have killed them

I wanna be your lady in red
the pedals on your wedding bed

but I'm Celine the Bearded Woman!


from Concentric Circles of Badassery: Vol. 1, track released August 7, 2010




Black Weather Shaman Lake Worth, Florida

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