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banjos howl and spiders creep with each slurping slop of bleeding meat


Fox is in the Hen-House
Lookin' for a Good-Time
Fox is in the Hen-House, Lookin' for a Good-Time, Headin' Out The Back-Yard!

Mama's in the Kitchen
Loadin' up a Shot-Gun
Mama's in the Kitchen, Loadin' up a Shot-Gun, Daddy Never Came Home!

There might be blood on your hands, Whenever there's meat on your plate, Exactly where we stand aint the easiest position to take!

Baby's on the Front-Porch
And he's lookin' To-Play
Baby's on the Front-Porch, And he's lookin' To-Play, Glass Is Out In The Yard!

Neighbor's at his Front-Door
And he's watchin' The-Scene
Neighbor's at his Front-Door, And he's watchin' The-Scene, Tears Well Up In His Eyes!

(repeat chorus)

Captain's in the Gully
Drinkin' up our Whiskey
Captain's in the Gully, Drinkin' up our Whiskey, Let's Have A Mutiny Now!

(repeat chorus)

it's a hatchet-game and no one wins, when the hatchet falls the blood will run down from your chin, you mama will loose her varied breath, when the family pet is all that's left what will you choose?


from Concentric Circles of Badassery: Vol. 1, track released August 7, 2010
Written and Performed by: Black Weather Shaman (Cecil Lunsford, Adam Sheetz, Morgan Long, and Armand Ignelzi)

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Adam Rosenberg

Recorded at: Homeland Studios, Boca Raton, Florida (Zack Brown)




Black Weather Shaman Lake Worth, Florida

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