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Charged with murdering the woman he loved Mike Dupree's deposition is a revealing introspective depiction of his suffering


You can be tried by 12 men
or carried by 4 more
you don't have to like it
but somethings you cant ignore

I don't wanna be a killer
I don't even like to fight
but that crazy woman came after me
holdin' up a butcher knife

I swear that I'm not guilty so please let me walk outta here today
I can still hear her screams
comin' up from down the well
she sent my blood a boilin'
so I sent her straight to hell
never thought that I'd be found out
especially for the lye
was I thinkin' out loud again
oh shit please tell me no, no.no!

It was a triumph of justice
self-defense decreed
I ask you not to forget now
that she's the one who tried to killl me

But, I abide by the teachings of Yoda
there aint no try there's only do
just so happened the force I was workin with
was a little lethal too


I won't 'ccept no blame now
you can walk it out to the street
she's the one who showed up to a pistol fight
brandishing some cutlery

You can be tried by 12 men
or carried by 4 more
If I hadn't killed her I'd of offed myself
either way I'm knockin' at Hell's door


Well I gave her everything
and my heart she still denied
maybe I'll get lucky find my true love
in that prison cell tonight


from Concentric Circles of Badassery: Vol. 1, track released August 7, 2010




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